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On Bicycle Touring

My first bicycle tour was in 2012 when I was 66 years old, a 400 mile ride along the Erie Canalway Trail across New York. It was a solo, self-supported trip that started with several months of planning and training. Riding my bicycle, either training or touring, has become a mental health thing as well as a physical health exercise. I suppose Edek’s Attic is a metaphor for my mind and bicycle touring is a safe obsession.

Edek’s Attic is the place where I publish my written travelogues as well as things that I’ve learned about bicycle touring. I support advocacy and volunteer organizations that promote and encourage bicycle touring with links to their sites as well as information that I have learned about them that may be of interest to you. I have also produced YouTube video travelogues and additional videos are in the planning stage. Hopefully, all of this is of help to you as either a beginning or experienced bicycle tourist.

My site banner photo was taken on the 2019 Cycle the Erie Canal ride at camp in Syracuse at Burnet Park. My son Eric and Mike, a friend and camp companion on the ride, are pictured. The guy on the ground sleeping is Bill, a person we met for the first time at this camp. Syracuse is the midpoint of the ride each year.

This site is not “monetized”: I do this because I love the sport of bicycle touring.

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4 thoughts on “Edek’s Attic

  1. I found your sharing of adventure intriguing and enjoyable…I’m picturing myself as I plan in my mind for future bike tour along the Erie canal. ..

  2. Thank’s for the 2022 Cycle the Erie Canal video , it was a pleasure chatting with you along the route and camping next to you in Syracuse

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