C&O Canal Publications Updated

The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Association reports in their June 2015 issue of Along the Towpath that two C&O Canal publications have recently been updated. The first is the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Official National Park Handbook (Handbook 142). This book was updated by the C&O Canal Association in coordination with the National Park Service. It is scheduled for release in early July 2015. The plan is to make it available on the C&O Canal Association Bookstore.

The second publication is the Towpath Guide to the C&O Canal. The work was done by the Harpers Ferry Historical Association with support from the C&O Canal Association. This publication is available now from the C&O Canal Association Bookstore.

As an enthusiastic supporter of the C&O Canal for bicycle touring, I think that these publications will enhance the towpath experience for people who are interested in riding it on a bicycle. Before my first C&O Canal tour last year I searched for information and found scattered and sometimes out of date information on the web. Both of these updated documents fill that void.