Cycle the Erie Canal 2019 Coming Soon

Cycle the Erie Canal 2019 is less than two months away. I look forward to my seventh ride on this wonderful route beginning on 7 July. My son, Eric, is joining me for his fourth ride. I can’t say enough about how well Parks and Trails New York organizes the ride for about 700 riders each year. The cost of the trip includes breakfast, two rest stops, and dinner on most days. Plus, they truck all of my stuff between campgrounds. Can’t beat that!

2 thoughts on “Cycle the Erie Canal 2019 Coming Soon

  1. We’re on road bikes. Mostly on road but planning to ride from Newark Canal Park and go west to Palmyra. Is that portion of the trail good for road bikes with narrow tires?

    1. People ride all kinds of bikes on this route. The only difficulties that I have seen have been when certain parts of the trail are wet after a rain. As I remember, the stretch between Newark and Palmyra is a bit rough compared with much of the route, so mud and puddles could be a challenge.

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