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Tractor and Vine


The entire tractor is there behind the green growth the envelopes it each year. I believe that this is a John Deere Model H that dates back to the early 1940s. Tractors last a long time and there are many farm tractors this age still alive in New England. It’s sad that this one is not appreciated anymore as a working machine.

Harbor Pilings in Maine


This dusky setting was as peaceful and quiet as it looks. There was a slight whisper of a breeze across the water that pixelates and distorts the reflections. The breeze was just enough to align the boats with their bows to windward.

Marne and Ed Nova Scotia Silhouette


We were hiking in Nova Scotia and I set up this selfie. At the time I didn’t think to cover the view finder. Light enters the viewfinder and finds its way into the mirror system of a single lens reflex camera, which affects the metering. The beauty of Kodachrome is that underexposure is a tool that can be used to accentuate shadows and saturate colors. In this case it was an accident. The accident captured the wispy cloud formation above us with an interesting geometry in the deep blue sky.

Russell’s Lobster Shack, York, Maine


This was taken a few years ago and the place has come and gone and come again. This was taken when I believe it was the most colorful it has ever been. Looking at the picture makes me hungry for lobstah.

Rusted Tractor in New Hampshire


This tractor hasn’t moved for a while. It sits there as though it died in the act of plowing this field. The farmer plows around it, perhaps out of respect, leaving a little green patch under it. The camouflage brown would make it disappear against the brown soil if not for the green.

Tractor near Bayse, West Virginia


This is a Farmall M made by International Harvester. My Grandfather worked to IH in Chicago for his entire life after coming here from Poland. The Model M was built in the 1950s, so there may be some parts in this one touched by grandpa. The tractor is aimed downhill and the building behind is trying to lean uphill.

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