Erie Canal Bicycle Tour 2012 Travelogue

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Revised 2 March 2015

4 thoughts on “Erie Canal Bicycle Tour 2012 Travelogue

  1. A friend and I are cycling the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany in July 2015. We are self supported but have concerns about riding through Syracuse. Do you have any info that would be helpful???

    1. I have gone through Syracuse along the Erie Canalway route several times. Each time I found my way to Erie Blvd. and rode through downtown Syracuse. There are some good places to eat there and the Erie Canal Museum is on that street just east of Clinton Square. There is no easy way to get through Syracuse, but I didn’t find it too bad.

  2. Your posts and videos are very interesting. I agree, the best way to see the world is on a bike.
    Last month I too just completed my first tour of the Erie Canal at age 66 by myself. I live in Phoenix and flew to Buffalo with a Bike Friday folding bike. I rode it to Albany in 8 days and then flew home. I did not camp out but rather stayed in motels and B & Bs. I learned a lot about my touring capabilities and look forward to making this an annual event. Next year I plan to do it in 7 days.

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