Stationary Trainer Time – Boring!

At this time I’ve started using my stationary trainer once again. I wrote about it in an earlier post. It is still working well after three years, although according to my records on Strava I only have about 360 miles on it. I record all of my rides, including the imaginary ones on my stationary.

This year I fell short by about 600 miles on my annual 3000 mile riding goal. That was for several reasons: bad spring weather, major home remodeling, and a bad cold. The winter is beginning to look like a cold and wet one, keeping me off the trail. I will ride my bicycle outdoors down to 20 degrees, but not on snow and ice.

So, here I am, back on the stationary trainer, trying my best to stay in shape for real riding and for life. I moved it to the front of my little room by the windows so that my neighbors can watch me go nowhere for nearly two hours, two or three times per week. One thing that is real is the sweat.

It is very difficult to maintain the discipline on something so boring. It does take close to two hours to get a good workout. That’s about the length of my outdoor training rides. I rarely ride less than 25 miles and average about fifteen miles per hour. I do the same thing on  my virtual rides. While I complain, I still recommend it for when the weather gets too cold and icy as long as you can muster the discipline.