The Rewards of a Cold Weather Ride

Today I could have jumped into my car to drive a mile to the nearest Starbucks. Instead, I hopped on my bike and rode 11.4 miles from Bedford to Somerville to get my coffee. I celebrated the burning of the calories by eating a blueberry scone with the coffee. It was 35 degrees Fahrenheit with a 30 mile per hour wind.

Hunting with my Father prepared me for these rides. We would get out of bed long before daybreak and dress with many layers. The layers were not especially effective in the temperatures that we experienced. Many times the temperature hovered around zero as we hiked the corn fields in search of game. The constant effort of stepping over corn stalks in fields filled with snow served to keep my blood flowing and eventually to warm my extremities.

As I grew older I became less interested in hunting and the distance grew between my Father and me. Still, on my cold weather rides I often think of the discipline that I developed in the corn fields. Thanks to my Dad, there are lots of things that I can not only endure, but also enjoy.

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