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Alcatraz Alley


Our family took a grand tour of the west in the summer of 1981. I shot this during our tour of Alcatraz. We passed this alley during the tour and I was interested in the textures and colors. (Fujica Auto 5)

Apple and Wrench


In my collection of vintage tools, I have this 36 inch Stillson pipe wrench. It hasn’t been used in years. This is one of my “tools and fruit” compositions. The apple came from one of the local orchards. (Canon AE1 Program)

Camp Fernwood Trellis in the Haze


Marne and I were at a Daysailer sailboat regatta in Maine at Thomson Lake one year. Every morning we were greeted by a cold, humid, and refreshing haze that lingered just before the sun was fully risen. The haze produced this soft glow and accentuated the green colors seen from the front porch of the Camp Fernwood lodge. (Fujica Auto 5)

Cape May Evening


The Fujica Auto 5 handled low light reasonably well. This is looking toward Cape May Light along the beach in New Jersey. I like the play of the cloudy sunset on the bumpy surf. (Fujica Auto 5)

Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railway


On one of our visits to Denver we drove to Cripple Creek. Gambling is the draw to Cripple Creek for most people. Personally, I like machines and the scenic railway has some nice steam locomotives. This one was built in 1927. (Fujica Auto 5)

Frozen Docks at Lake Sunapee


It was a dark grey day that resulted in this almost monochrome photograph. The dark pattern of the posts and docks against the white snow punctuate docks that that floated into random positions and were frozen in place. You can see the snow on the lake through the windows of the mysterious little building at the end of the dock. (Fujica Auto 5)

Reflecting Pool at Hearst Castle


This is the only indoor pool at Hearst Castle. It was a sunny afternoon and the blue pool water was perfectly still. The reflected sunlight looks like multiple laser beams reflected off the wall and dissolved in the water. (Fujica Auto 5)

Manhattan Evening Silhouettes


We were getting ready to go to bed when I looked out the hotel window. I steadied the camera and took one picture. These are interesting shapes to frame the sun setting on the horizon, a sunset most people in New York City didn’t get to see. (Fujica Auto 5)

Old Boots


I grabbed my son’s old boots one fall day and plopped them down in front of a tree in the back yard. The boots were past their prime just like the summer. The picture was taken in color, but I couldn’t resist the metaphor of black and white. (Canon AE1 Program)

Spillway Curtain


The dark grey sky gives this cascade an almost purple cast. The lake is very still and the cascade is an unexpected feature as if the end of the lake suddenly dropped away, cleaving a straight edge for the cascade. The nearly vertical drop makes it look like a curtain that you can part to enter the bottom of the lake. (Fujica Auto 5)

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